Phantom Falls: A hike and scenic aerial film.

Hiking is on my short list of hobbies. I love to hike, to backpack, and simply get outside. Nothing beats the warmth of the sun and crossing the earth with the power of your own two feet. On February 13, 2016 I was able to get out for hike on Table Mountain. I had been wanting to get up there to see some of the waterfalls after the rains we had experienced this year. I'd seen photos of Phantom Falls for quite some time, and despite living within 20 minutes of them for 35 years I never made the trip. 

I made the trip. With a new backpack designed to carry my drone / quadcopter (what I use for aerial filming), I hiked out to Phantom Falls. It was beautiful and there were plenty of friendly people enjoying the day. I was fortunate to get some great footage and meet some really lovely people in the process. Below is a simple edit of some of the footage.

Make the Hike Yourself

If you are looking to make the hike yourself, here is some public information about how to get there. Enjoy the hike and the views, it is worth it. Leave only footprints, take only pictures.