BIG UPDATE - Short Film Project

Hey friends, it's been a busy 2018 and I've been so tied up with projects I haven't been focusing on the blog and social media. Time to bring you up to speed!

Who Will Remember - Short Film

Near the end of 2017 I was contacted about working on a short film project on the Armenian Genocide. The film, "Who Will Remember", is a theatrical short based on the life of an Armenian girl (Alice) who survives and eventually immigrated to America. The film was co-written by Alice's granddaughter, Barbara Erysian. I was immediately interested in the project and was soon attached as cinematographer and editor. The director and co-writer of the film is Max Freedman of MFM Media in Hollywood

Here is the trailer to the film:

This project was an honor to work on, and has consumed much of my time for the past few months. The entire crew and cast was blessed recently to debut the film for two screenings in the Sacramento area on April 24 – the commemoration day for the Armenian Genocide.


When I was first approached about the film, I had very little knowledge of the events surrounding the Armenian Genocide. I encourage everyone to read up on theses events and to gain a deeper understanding of what happened during this time. In addition, stay tuned for ways to watch the film in it's entirety in the near future.