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Welcome to Chollet Films

My name is Stephen Chollet. I am an Emmy Award winning video and film producer based in Chico, California. My passion for cinematography, lighting, editing, and storytelling are evident in the work I create for my clients.

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Chico, California, and beyond.

I live in Chico, California and was born and raised about 20 minutes away in Oroville. Northern California is a beatufiul place to call home. It is close to Sacramento and the San Francisco bay area, an easy drive up to Lake Tahoe, and offers some of the best scenery available, such as Mount Shasta just north of Redding.

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In addition to living in such a wonderful place, I also have a passion for world travel and my work takes me around the globe. No matter where your project might be, Chollet Films is just a drive or a flight away.