Director of Photography in Chico, California

My name is Stephen Chollet. I am an Emmy Award winning video and film producer based in Chico, California. My passion for cinematography and lighting are evident in the work I create for my clients.

I have over 15 years experience working as a Director of Photography / Cinematographer on productions of various sizes and budgets. I also have access to qualified film crew members, including: lighting director, grip, sound recordist, professional drone operator and aerial cinematography, production assistants, and more.

I am available for work as a Director of Photography for projects in Chico, CA, the northern California region, and worldwide. In addition to cinematography, I also offer full-service production including pre-prodcution, editing and post-production, animation, and design. 



I own Canon cameras and lenses, and am expeireinced with RED Digital Cinema, Blackmagic, Sony and other popular digital cinema camera systems. 

For a more comprehensive list of equipment including lighting and grip equipment, click here.


I am a two-time Emmy Award winning video and film producer. I grew up in northern California and am an experienced traveler having completed work on 6 of 7 continents (looking forward to a project in Antarctica!). Read more...