Kearbey Dental Group "Time" TV Commercial

Here is my latest TV commercial for Kearbey Dental Group in Oroville, CA. Read below for some productions notes.

This was a really fun project to produce. Dr. Ryan Kearbey wanted to do something to show "the why" of the work. Why is technology and advancement important in his office. We discussed how most people (I think all people) would rather be doing something other than sitting in the dentist's chair! It's all about getting people back to doing the things they love.

We had a lot of fun during the shoot as well. Filming over the river with the quadcopter was a blast, and flying without any GPS stability in the old train tunnel along the Feather River in Oroville was a bit of a challenge...but worth it! I think the biggest challenge to any video production is the use of animals and kids...and we got that in the commercial too!

Everything was filmed in Oroville, CA. Along the Feather River, Riverbed Park, Bedrock Park and Centennial Park. Such beautiful scenery in the early fall.